What Our Clients Say

I have known Narinder for nearly 20 years and he has never let me down. He has provided my suits throughout my work career and has 100% integrity.


Tony Deol, United Kingdom,

The suits which i purchased from Bangkok Tailors (Narry.com) is quite good, stylish and attractive. I would definitely refer their services to anyone.


Aiken Derby, Germany,

The suits is quite good, stylish and attractive. It is one of the best gift to give some one special which is closed to our heart. Narry tailors rocks.

Brad Pitjame, USA,

The best thing i like about custom made suits from Narry they are comfortable to wear and thus enhance men's personality and I have experience a great change in my style and personality. I feel comfortable to buy clothing from this website due to its customized property.

Havard Bjorge- Norway,

I will see you again in January as I have to attend a wedding in India. My husband is very happy with his 10 suits.

Sandy, California,

Best tailor in Bangkok. I had some suits done at your place in 2010 . I would like to know if you do Jeans. I did not see any Denim fabric on you website. The measurements that you took on me are perfect I enjoy the pants and suits made by your shop.

Kakhy Tze, Japan,

I went to Narry Tailor two weeks ago with my friend who’s been going to him for years. Seriously they are the best international tailor. I too order 3 piece suits from their shop. You can also give them a try.

John Smith, United Kingdom,

Hi Chandan, I was able to try on the entire suit and it fits and looks great. Thanks to you and your team for a great looking suit. I appreciate all of your help with our many email exchanges back and forth over the past month or so. I will be in touch soon with my next order.

Sanjeet, India,

I am very happy with the quality of fabric provided by the company. I would like to refer a friend of mine to experience the custom made clothing through your shop. A great international Tailor


I love this Narry shop in Bangkok. It has lovely collection of suits for special occasions. The suits collection is outstanding with lots of variety like dinner suit, made to measure suit, 3 and 2 piece suits


Hi Narry, We have some good friends Jeff & Lyn Baker coming your way in March. Please look after them.

Carol Logue,

I am amazed with the suits fittings it looks great and the material and quality of fabric is fantastic. I have had several shirts and suits customized though Narry and i am quite satisfied with its quality.

Harry Mger,

Best international Tailor in Phuket. The prices are very reasonable. I will look to refer other colleagues of mine as well.


I have recently purchased a bespoke suit from Narry Tailor in Phuket and really it provides awesome fitting with unique design and style.What i say more about narry they are just the best tailor in Thailand.

Albert Davies,

I love to do shopping but due to my busy schedule can't spare time to go for shopping. Thanks for saving my precious time and provided me the precious fitting suit. Narry, you are the best among others.

Grege Kennedy,

Thanks - I got the suit today and I'm very pleased with the results. I will probably order from you again!

Mike Friedman,

I have recently purchased a formal suit from tailor shop in Bangkok. It fit well, look great and at the same time provide classy and trendy look. Narry you are the best tailor i visit.

Sophie Scott,

Hello , I was just thinking of Thailand and how nice it was to meet you both. The shirts you made for me are excellent and fit very well I will send for some more shortly when I decide on the material. I hope you are both fine and your business is going well as I am sure it will be send me an email sometime as we would like to hear from you.

Graham Gordon,

Dear Mr. Narry

Thank you for your professional attitude, and for this kind offer. And may I, on this occasion, also express my satisfaction with the extremely fast completion time.

I would certainly like to recieve two shirts.

I have looked on your website, and found two plain coloured designs to my liking.

Henrik Bårris,

Just wanted to rely and say that the suits I just bought back from Thailand to Australia (Melbourne) are great. The cut is perfect and the quality is very good. What made the whole thing easier was the great service provided by the two gentleman at the Phuket store.

Aaron, Australia,

Whilst in Phuket last July I was with a friend (Bill Giles) who got a couple of wonderful suits made by your establishment. My son, Alexander Briggs will be Patong in a few days time and will be visiting your shop to get a suit and a couple of shirts made up. Could you please look after him.

Kym Briggs,

I have shopped at Narry's in the past and been very happy with service. I am coming to Bangkok on the 23rd and would like to have made 8-10 shirts and two business suits. I can come to store mid afternoon

I leave Bangkok late on the 25th.